The Great American Eclipse of 2017

Total eclipse over the Hardin house.

Halloween 2016

The T-Rex definitely stole the entire neighborhood show.

Summertime at the Creek

A warm Summer evening, flipflops, and a walk to the neighborhood creek.

Jadyn in Her Happy Place

Shelly here. I wasn’t sure that anyone could ever love holding babies more than our oldest daughter Chloe, but then…

Austin the Shell Hunter

This little guy is pretty much one of the coolest kids we’re blessed to know. Set him loose on a…


The Varied Expressions of Jadyn

Have Jadyn stand still for 30 seconds, get her talking, and start pushing the shutter button. She’s the embodiment of…

Genuine Smile on a Tire Swing

As kids get older, it can be tough to capture genuine smiles on their faces in front of a camera.…

Roller Coaster Expressions

If you push the shutter at just the right moment, you get some pretty fantastic facial expressions on the downslope…